The Kingdom Ministry, Inc.
Changing Youth One Life at a Time

The F.L.O.W. Youth Leadership Development Program
The FLOW Youth Leadership Development Program provides instruction, interactive learning opportunities, community service and cultural enrichment to a maximum of 50 youth living in or around the Southeast Raleigh neighborhoods. At the end of the sessions, students participate in a certificate and graduation ceremony to promote and celebrate the accomplishments of the program participants. Participants that successfully complete the program are promoted to Peer Counselors and mentor new participants in subsequent sessions. The program is provided at the Courtney T. Johnson Community Center centrally located in Southeast Raleigh. The program nurtures the talents of youth by teaching personal responsibility, career development, as well as encouraging and supporting academic success. As youth develop skills, the FLOW Youth Leadership Development program provides youth with an atmosphere and environment during out-of-school time necessary to turn their knowledge and skills into successful outcomes. 

Program Goals
  • Increase high school graduations
  • Increase post-secondary education among youth in Southeast Raleigh, NC
  • Increase gang prevention among school aged youth in Southeast Raleigh, NC
  • Increase career opportunities and trades among youth in Southeast Raleigh, NC

Program Outcomes
  • Increased school retention among program participants in the school setting
  • Improved grades in school among program participants in the school setting
  • Reduction in delinquent behavior among program participants in the school setting
  • Prevention of gang involvement among program participants in out-of-school time
  • Increase employment among eligible program participants 

To accurately track whether the program’s objectives have been met, results are maintained and updated in an electronic database. The following tools will be used to assess the success of the program: 
  • school report cards; 
  • attendance reports in the Youth Leadership program; 
  • post-secondary education acceptance letters and 
  • job applications. 
More importantly, the program will track the number of kids that remain in school, improve grades while completing school, stay out of trouble and avoid the pitfalls of gang involvement, juvenile delinquency and truancy. 

Program Recruitment and Eligibility Criteria

Youth are recruited through partnerships and referrals with Southgate Apartments, the Community Center and by word of mouth in the middle schools and high schools in Wake County, North Carolina. Eligibility criteria for participation are youth classified as “at-risk” which is defined for the purpose of the program as (a) disadvantaged youth; and/or (b) low socio-economic background; and/or (c) a high probability of school drop-out due to personal/family history; and/or (d) poor academic success in the school setting.